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Jay Leno showing his Omegasonics Parts Washer

This excerpt was taken from the September 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics:

"How many of us of a certain age have complained for the last 20 years that you can’t get good carburetor cleaner anymore? You know, that stuff that eats your skin and goes directly into your pores, so you die when you’re 62. There are a lot of effective, but gentle, new kinds of cleaners…but the most incredible things I have found are industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines…Omegasonics in Simi Valley, Calif., makes a big ultrasonic cleaner, like the one I have, called a Super Pro…It only takes about half an hour to do a cylinder head and that’s covered with carbon. And the ultrasonic waves get into every little nook and cranny—a regular sprayer can’t do that…"

–Jay Leno

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